What image do we have of ourselves when we only get a partial transmission of our familial history? When we come back to the ground of our childhood, after being gone for a long time ? When we do not meet the criteria society is imposing upon us? When we wish to free ourselves from the image that others have about us? It has been said a few times already : self-image is often linked to the images that represent us in cinema, on television and in the medias. Through various approaches, the filmmakers of Quartiers Lointains 5th Season seize this question in an intimate and moving way.


Notre Parrain : Lucien Jean-Baptiste 


Lucien Jean-Baptiste is an actor and director, known for La première étoile (2009), Dieumerci! (2016), and Il a déjà tes yeux (2018). 


After having spent his childhood in Martinique, Lucien Jean-Baptiste left his island to go to Paris. He passed his diploma in advertising in the French capital and worked for ten years in event marketing. When he was 30, Lucien decided to quit his job to have a chance to live his dreams. Lucien joined the Cours Florent school of acting. At the same time Lucien was offered to make dubbing  for Eddy Murphy, Will Smith or Chris Rock's voices. Lucien does not only stick to acting : in 2009 he directed a succesfull french comedy La première étoile on a small family from the West Indies living in Paris suburbs who decides to travel to the French Alps mountains, in the late eighties to practice skiing. His latest movie Il a déjà tes yeux tells the story of the adoption of a white child by a black family, it's broadcast on Netflix USA.






Quartiers * Lointains

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