"I grew up between 2 cultures, 2 continents, 2 countries, 2 religions and 2 skin colors. As a journalist, I consider my work as revealing to everyone unknow authors. From La Courneuve to Venice, Aubervilliers to Bejaïa, Locarno to Bujumbura, Antananarive to Agadir, I met emerging talents based in Europe or Africa. But writing about them was not enough. I had to highlight their work. Let the distance becoming closer, and reveal the common points instead of the differences. This is how Quartiers Lointains was born. This year, the Ambassador of our 3rd Season is Melvin van Peebles. And this program will present you shortfilms talking about you, about us, but, most of all, about love"



Claire DIAO

Quartiers * Lointains

France / Quartiers Lointains - ­ Siniman Films ­ 2015-2017 / Sudu Connexion 2018