A Place For Myself directed by Marie-Clémentine Dusabejambo

Fiction - Rwanda – 20 min – 2016


At a casual elementary school comes a five year old albino girl, Elikia. Due to her skin color her classmates make her realize that her being ‘different’ is more a problem than a special trait. While the neighborhood treats her as a stereotype, her mother encourages her. Together, they fight back and raise their voice to find a place for themselves.


Carrière du film
Sembene Ousmane Award for Best African Short Film, Golden Dhow Award for the Best short film, Signis Award 2016 for East African Talent, Zanzibar International Film Festival 2016 (Tanzania) - Journées du Court- Métrage Tunisien de Gabès 2016 (Tunisia) - Tanit de Bronze – Journées Cinématographiques de Carthage 2016 (Tunisia) – FESPACO 2017 (Burkina Faso) - Toronto Black Film Festival 2017 - Luxor African Film Festival 2017 ( Egypt ) - 27e édition du Festival du Cinéma Africain, d’Asie et d’Amérique Latine, Milano Festival.


A place for myself

The Aftermath of the Inauguration of the Public Toilet at Kilometer 375 directed by Omar El Zohairy

Fiction - Egypt -2014 - 18min


Fear is an instinct lying under the skin. But what if it mutates? Adaptation Death of a Government Clerk, short story by Anton Chekhov.


Carrière du film

International’s screenings and awards  : Palmsprings international shortfest 2014 (USA), Cinéfondation du Festival de Cannes 2014 ( France) , Screened at the Medfilm Festival 2014 (Italy), Screened at Dokufest International Documentary Short Film Festival 2014 (Kosovo), Screened at Mill Valley international film festival (USA)

The Aftermath of the Inauguration of the Public Toilet at Kilometer 375

Madama Esther directed by Luck Razanajaona

Fiction - Madagascar - 2013 – 15 min


Madama Esther, a cleaning lady in her fifties, has just lost her job. As she cannot keep her promise to take her grandson to the sea, she accepts an offer to host illegal cockfights in her backyard - a world filled with angels and crooks in equal measure..


Carrière du film

International’s screenings and awards  : Tanit d'argent au Festival de Carthage 2014 (Tunisie), Poulain d'Argent au FESPACO 2015 (Burkina Faso), GOLD Zebu prize au festival des rencontres du film court 2014 (Madagascar), Screened at the Zanzibar International Film Festival 2015 (Zanzibar), Screened at Clermont-Ferrand 2013 (France), Screened at l'African Film Festival de Luxor 2014 (Egypt), Screened at l'AfryKamera Film Festival 2014 (Warsaw), Screened at  RFC Film festival 2014 (Madagascar), Screened at au FIFAI film festival 2014 (Réunion Island), Screened at festival ILES COURTS 2014 (Maurice Island), Screened at Fribourg International Film Festival 2014 (Switzerland), Screened at FILMINITIATIV 2014 (Germany)

Madama Esther

80 directed by Muhannad Lamin

Libya – 6min – 2012

80 suit un homme durant les deux jours les plus importants de sa vie : celui où il est emprisonné et celui où il s'échappe.


80 follows a man on the two most important days of his life: the day he gets caught and imprisoned and the day he escapes.


Carrière du film

International’s screenings and awards  : TROPFEST Arabia 2012 (United Arab Emirates) - Festival de Locarno 2016 (Switzerland)




Justice !


What is Justice? The State Justice which can sometimes condemn impartially its citizens? Or the Genetic Justice, which can put aside some people who are seen as too different? The Social one, which marginalize the poorest of them? The one from the work place which isolates the employees from their bosses ? Or the ideological Justice, which leads different communities to live separate from one another ? With the help of 80 directed by Muhannad Lamin (Libya), A place for myself directed by Marie-Clémentine Dusabejambo (Rwanda), Madama Esther directed by Luck Razanajaona (Madagascar), The Aftermath of the Inauguration of the Public Toilet at Kilometer 375 directed by Omar El Zohairy (Egypt) and Kanye Kanye directed by Miklas Manneke (South Africa), the fourth season of Quartiers Lointains questions the idea of Justice in the wide diversity of the African’s continent.


Notre Marraine : Jihan El Tahri


Jihan el-Tahri is an Egyptian-born, French filmaker, author and news correspondent. She has authored, directed and produced award-winning documentary films, authored books and reported on political conflicts in the Middle East and Africa.

 Jihan is a Member of the Executive Bureau of FEPACI (Federation of Pan-African Cinema) and Secretary General of The Guilde of African filmakers in the Diaspora. She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree (with honours) in Political Science sand a Master of Arts Degree in Political Science, both from the American University in Cairo.

Speaking French, English and Arabic as well as some functional Spanish, Jihan was a correspondent/super stringer for US News & World Report covering the Middle East while residing in France. The main stories covered were: Return of Yasser Arafat to Gaza, Algerian Elections, Madrid Peace Conference, Desert Shield and Desert Storm (Gulf War).

Her full-length feature films The Koran and the Kalashnikov (1995), L'Afrique en morceaux (2000), The Price of Aid/Les maux de la faim (2003); The House of Saud (2004); Cuba! Africa! Revolution! (2007) et Behind the Rainbow (2009) were screened internationally. Jihan El-Tahri was twice nominated at the Emmy Awards and had received numerous international awards (Figra d'Or 1995, European Media Prize 2004, BANFF Festival Award 2005 and 2nd Price Documentary at the Fespaco 2009). Her last full-length feature film, a documentary named Les pharaons de l'Egypte moderne was partially screened at the MOMA in New York.




Kanye Kanye directed by Miklas Manneke

Fiction - South Africa - 2013 – 26 min


In a township in South Africa, an argument about which apple is better, the red or the green, causes the greatest divide in the town's history. But a young man, Thomas, falls in love with Thandi who belongs to the opposite camp.


Carrière du film
Best student movie Jozi Film Festival, Johannesburg 2014 (South Africa), Best Picture NYC Picture Start Film Festival 2014 (USA), Public Award Chicago International Film Festival 2014 (USA), Best Student movie South African Film and Television Awards 2014 (South Africa), Best Picture Lifetree Film Festival 2014 (Colorado, USA), Riverrun International Film Festival 2014 (USA), Best picture Cinesud 2014 (France), Public Award Festival International du Court-métrage Cergy-Pontoise 2014 (France),  Best short movie Portsmouth International Film Festival 2014 (UK), Uppsala Intenational Film Festival (Sweden), Public Award ISFVF Beijjng Film Academy (China), Pisek International Student Film Festival (Czech Republic)


Kanye Kanye





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