La ligne brune by Rachid Djaïdani – France – 2011 – 26min


In “The Brown Line”, filmmaker and father-to-be Rachid Djaidani follows his wife Sabrina's pregnancy, every step of the way, documenting their changing lives on his camera phone, during the political debate around « National Identity ».

J'mange pas d'porc by Akim Isker et Mohamed Belhamar  - France - 2012 - 27min


Zino, young fan of the French national soccer team, steals a pizza without knowing it is with pork. Something forbid him to eat it. People's look on him ? His education ? His religion and believes ? This night, all these contradictions lead him to face his own identity.


White Girl in her Panty by Djinn Carrénard – France – 2010 - 24min
Collectif Diaph1kat


This short movie is a prequel to the feature film Donoma. In this movie, Leelop is white, Dama is black, they're both french. The meet in New-York City, they'll break up in Donoma.

En équipe by Steve Achiepo – France – 2012 – 21min

Shaker Productions

Cergy, Paris suburb. Bastien, 16 years-old, just won a key match with his team. While they celebrate their victory, Sékou, his best friend, tells him a sensationnal new in front of everyone: Lauriane, lthe pretty girl with a red scarf wants to gets to know him better...




We were used to watch French movies which depict only one and usual privileged social class, living far away from the vicissitudes faced by children of migrants, born and raised in France. We were used to believe that only African directors shoot low-budget movies, without money, thanks to their ingenuity. They're not alone. Since few years, young French filmmakers seize cinema without fundings neither connections in the industry but with passion.

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Fais Croquer  by Yassine Qnia – France – 2012 – 22min
Nouvelle Toile


Yassine, a passionate young film lover, wants to shoot a film in his neighbourhood. He wants to include his childhood friends in his project. But friendship sometimes has its faults...


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